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A little over a year ago, I scoured the internet for every “how to break into UX research” piece of content I could find. Today, I’m forever grateful to everyone who helped and supported me during my career transition. I’m also thankful for every bit of information that was available to me—so, here’s my way of paying it forward to anyone who might be thinking of breaking into UX research.

A bit about me: I graduated with degrees in Economics and Music, and I spent the first 3 years of my career in digital marketing. You can read more about…

I graduated 2 years ago but am on my third full time job. It’s been a funny journey—I’ve helped sell everything from women’s underwear, a politician’s platform, to web service APIs. A recent, candid chat with a college senior made me realize my somewhat atypical path, and it inspired me to jot down a few philosophies I’ve realized in this post-grad life.

This post is hopefully something to read and relate to if you’re a fresh grad, or if you’re about to graduate. …

“In 2016, state and federal Republican campaigns outspent Democratic campaigns 3 to 1 on Google ads.” — The New York Times

June 28, 2018. That was the day I decided I didn’t want to just retweet and send upsetting political news links to my friends. I was tired of waiting for other people to make change happen.

I was analyzing metrics from a digital marketing campaign I ran at my former employer ThirdLove, a D2C women’s underwear startup, when it clicked. Everyday, thousands of women purchase bras by clicking on compelling Facebook ads. No matter how often people say they’re…

Vicki Lim

UX Researcher | MHCID Candidate | Cal Bear 🐻 | Bay Area 🌤

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